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Short Distance Watch Scanner Camera

2017-07-11 17:40:25Supplier:
[Introduction]  The scanning distance of this short distance watch scanning camera can processed as 5cm or 20-40cm....

The camera lens for poker analyzer is extensively used in poker games field. The cameras can be fixed inside many routine items like a lighter or a car key. Those are short distance camera lenses. Today, I will share our watch short distance camera with you.

Have you thought that the camera can be built inside your watch? This is a very good idea to operate cheating secretly by means of this way. The watch short distance camera for poker analyzer is very excellent in cheating. With good concealment, it will not attract others’ attention at all. Used in poker cheating, the scanning distance of this camera can be 5cm or 20-40cm, and we can customize it if you have other needs. With high efficiency and powerful function in cheating, the camera is able to read the side marked cards without any mistake and send the codes of cards to the poker analyzer decoding at a high speed. In addition, it supports all poker analyzers.

If you have a watch short distance camera for your poker analyzer, the cheating will be finished perfectly. Just have a try!

Short Distance Watch Scanner Camera

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