Playing Cards Dealing Shoe

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[Introduction]  Transparent Baccarat cards dealing shoe is just a simple poker cheating device and easy to operate by the dealer. As it reading the playing cards by your hands, so you should pay more attention to promote your skill....

We all know that playing cards shoe can be processed for different kinds of marked cards. Therefore, we should use different poker cheating device to read different kinds of playing cards.

Playing cards dealing shoe is essential thing in Baccarat casino games, so it is a good choice to process it into a poker cheating device. One kind of Baccarat cards shuffler for playing cards with no mark and another type is for barcode marked cards with luminous ink. But The transparent cards shuffling shoe one of the shuffler for no-mark playing cards, so how can you get the suits and number of playing cards?

As this kind of playing cards dealing shoe is transparent, it is hard to installed a mini spy camera lens would not cause the suspicion of others. Therefore, we have installed a prism into the cards dealing shoe. Moreover, the position is quite special that would not find by other players except you. In the moment of dealing the cards, the dealer can push the card up a little, in the prism installation can clearly see the figures on the card according to the refraction principle. Then you will know every cards' number and win the Baccarat casino games. While, you should pay more attention to promote your skill of dealing cards due to practice makes perfect.

               Playing Cards Dealing Shoe

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Mer 2017-11-08 08:09:18

Info poker analysator

Düz 2017-10-30 18:27:24


Francis 2017-09-09 10:22:24

How far this camera lens can reach?

Enoch 2017-09-09 10:17:46

Can you sent some pictures and video to me? I'm looking for a latest poker analyzer for Modiano barcode marked cards!

Dick 2017-09-09 10:11:14

I want a k4 poker analyzer for Omaha games!

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