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Texas Holdem Table Perspective Camera System

2017-05-12 14:19:11Supplier:
[Introduction]  With mini size and good concealment, the camera won’t be discovered by other poker players....

Our company specializes in making all kinds of gambling cheating devices, most of which need to work with marked playing cards to complete the cheating task. While the cheating product we are gonna introduce in this article is intended for non-marked playing cards.

It’s a poker camera usually fixed in Texas Holdem table, Baccarat table and other gambling tables. The table, which has been fixed with our this latest scanning camera is called perspective table for non-marked cards. With mini size and good concealment, the camera won’t be discovered by other poker players.

When you play poker games, turn on the camera, and then it will read the non-marked cards you use to play for the games at any angle even if the cards face down. After reading the cards, it will send their information to a TV in backstage. The poker faces will be shown on the TV screen. In order to cheat successfully, you need to get a partner in the backstage to tell you what’s on the screen secretly through an earpiece.Using our latest perspective table, you just need to use regular playing cards. We can also process your table with our special camera into a perspective table if you want.

Our company has been in this line for many years, always applying the latest and the most advanced technology to the procedure of making our cheating products. We have customers from all over the world and their feedback about our products are quite good because of the reasonable price, high-quality products and the good service. So, if you are looking for a scanning camera that can help you cheat at poker games without using marked cards, why not have a try with our perspective camera? We have confidence that this cheating device won’t let you down. Please feel free to contact us if you have an interest in our perspective camera or other cheating products.

Texas Holdem Table Perspective Camera System

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