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Iphone 5S Poker Analysis Software for Non Marked Cards

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[Introduction]  And you are able to receive the each poker face through the mini earpiece. ...

The Iphone 5S cell phone can be designed as a poker cheating tool for increasing winning odds and win more bankroll on the poker table. We will install a English version poker analysis software to know the poker faces in advance. 

Application of Iphone 5S Poker Analysis Software 

The poker analysis software is installed in a Iphone 5S. It is specially designed to read the non marked cards so that the cards cheating can be operated more secretly and conveniently. When you deal the cards, just deal the them over the cell phone and the camera inside the Iphone will read suit and point of the card, and then the software will record each card’ poker face and report to player automatically. And you are able to receive the each poker face through the mini earpiece. 

Advantages of this poker analysis software 

On one hand, compared with other poker cheating devices, the IOS poker cheating software are special for reading the non marked cards, not marked cards. With this advantage, you can operate the cheating more secretly and conveniently. On the other hand, when you deal the cards over the cell phone, the camera in phone will read the cards clearly and speedily. Then you will hear the suit and value of each card one by one through the wireless earpiece or Bluetooth. 

Many games available

Iphone 5S analysis software is good for playing Chinese poker, Texas Holdem, Flush

Game, Omaha and other popular poker games in the world. It is very nice to know the

cards in player’s hand. 

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details! We welcome you come our company to test our products and you can experience them on the scene. The cards can be excellent for reading the invisible ink marked cards at cards playing cheat.

Iphone 5S Poker Analysis Software for Non Marked Cards

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