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Chandelier Lamp Infrared Poker Camera

2017-05-07 20:29:13Supplier:
[Introduction]   The chandelier infrared poker camera device can see the numbers and colors of invisible playing cards, This infrared poker camera lens has uninterrupted power supply....

Now more and more people like using the chandelier lamp in casinos, poker clubs and home, we assembly a hidden mini infrared poker camera inside it. You can use the wireless remote controller to turn on or turn off the chandelier lamp infrared poker lens, it is very convenient for you to control it.

When you play poker games with this chandelier lamp infrared poker camera poker cheating device, you needn't put anything on the table, you just need a partner to see the numbers and suits of the back invisible playing cards. After he sees the invisible marks on the back of cards from a video display screen(such as TV, computer and so on), he can tell you the information by wireless audio talker, and you can hear the information through mini headset, then you can decide how to do next( continue or give up).

This chandelier lamp infrared spy poker lens need work with IR invisible marked playing cards. Besides, the IR invisible marked cards can't be read by marked cards contact lenses or infrared sunglasses, which also can't be scanned by any barcode poker scanning camera, which only can be seen by IR poker camera lens.

Chandelier Lamp Infrared Poker Camera

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